Friday, February 25, 2005
Winter 2005
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Winter 2005 Issue
Cover photo: John Granen

In This Issue:
Scouting Report
Trash To Treasure
Kobo Kool
Winter 2005 - 4 Cool Kitchen Remodels

In this issue

Home magazines often leave readers impressed, but with the thought “Pretty pictures, but I could never pull that off in my home.” Instead of putting off what you can’t do today or tomorrow, in this issue we hopscotch around Puget Sound neighborhoods looking at the possible. Got an aging house, a growing family and no time for life-disrupting remodels? We visit two early-20th-century Queen Anne homes whose updates were finished in short order and made their kitchens king. Looking to downsize but remain upscale? We tour a Madison Park home with small square footage but big-time style. Plus, we consider the livability quotient of the rapidly evolving South Lake Union neighborhood. We also learn how to throw a stress-free holiday cocktail party, and Ann Lovejoy reminds us not to forget the garden potential when house hunting. Finally, I’m happy to report that, as of this issue, we are increasing our annual output from four to six issues. Thank you for your support, and drop me a line on what you want to see in our extra pages.

- Shannon O'Leary
Editor, NWH+G

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