Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Winter 2005
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About Us Overview

Northwest Home + Garden is published by Tiger Oak Publications, a Minneapolis-based publishing company that produces Seattle Magazine, Seattle Bride, Northwest Home + Garden, Minnesota Bride and Minnesota Meetings & Events, as well as custom books and magazines.

We know two things. You're busy, and the Northwest deserves a home and garden magazine that reflects the richness of region.

So at Northwest Home + Garden, we won't waste your time. (For one thing, we're published six times a year). And we will dig deep for home and garden ideas that are by turns unexpected and practical, and geared to people who live and shop here. From couldn't-be-simpler tips on where to buy the best paint to in-depth features on building a new home or remodeling an old one: Our aim is to simplify and surprise, inform and inspire.

Our creative team of editors, writers and artists are allergic to clichés. Stories are smart and lively, designed with plenty of intriguing side trips, and always include the essential information (such as phone numbers, Web sites and pricing) to keep guess-work to a minimum. To really keep things moving, and our own skills primed, each issue tackles a different subject, whether it be exploring modern design or the trend toward downsized dwellings. And we cover all sides: tapping local experts in architecture, interior design, landscaping and gardening and real-life home owners for their perspectives.

Along with ever-changing feature subjects, each issue of Northwest Home + Garden includes the following departments:

Area: News on home and garden stores, people and products.

Wall: Ideas on how to animate a blank surface.

Alternative Space: Exposing people's out-of-the-ordinary spaces.

Garden: Expert advice on how to make your garden grow well year-round. Plus tips on the best garden tools.

Calendar: What the season has to offer when it comes to plant sales and home shows—and everything in between.

Find It: A detailed accounting of items and experts featured in each issue.

Resources: The essential guide to our area's home and garden vendors.

Treasure: A cool product showcase, which also tests your price-tag savvy.

If you are an architect, interior designer, landscape designer or home owner who wants to submit a project for publication, please email or snail mail a brief description of your project with photos (digital images are preferred) to the editor.

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